Fablusi™ Lite RPS Generator

Designed for the teacher, or group of teachers, with small classes who want to create and run one or more online role-play simulation, or to modify and run an existing one that can be purchased from our web-site.

An educational yearly license
@ $40 per user account

The software is an online role-play simulation Generator with Authoring, Management and Delivery tools. It can be used to create unlimited number of new role-plays or modify any of the role-play simulations already created on our site.

You can buy this product by contacting Roni Linser

The Fablusi Lite RPS Generator includes access to authoring, administration and delivery tools to create or customize any role-play simulation to your particular needs:

  • Create limitless number of RPS
  • Can run multiple online RPS at any one time
    with unlimited number of consecutive times for the duration of the license.
  • License for 100 participants (user-accounts) (including moderators) for any one run, or multiple RPS simultanously, as long as the combined number of user-accounts does not exceed 100
  • Using our servers.
  • The license is for 1 year.
  • Authoring
    • Scenarios: Ability to create 3 scenarios.
    • Stages: Ability to create 8 customizable stages - e.g. Role Selection, Practice, Play 1, Debrief 1, Play 2, Debrief 2, Play 3, and Debrief 3
    • Roles: Ability to create a up to 100 roles including hidden and moderator roles. Each of the roles can be customized with names, titles, and information specific to that role.
    • iSpaces: Ability to create 6 Interaction Spaces and 3 subspaces within each. All sub-spaces have default values but can be customized with different access rights for participants. Types of subspaces include from the following possibilities: discussion forum, discussion with motion and voting forum, news space and bulletin board. Types of access rights include: read, write, edit, delete, move, copy, attach files, publish, put forward a motion to a vote, Second a motion, publish article, publish results of voting, and many others. These rights enable the author to model hierarchies of rights within the various sub-spaces.
    • Tasks: Ability to create up to 3 tasks for all or some roles, that can then be viewed either by other roles, or some roles, or the moderator only. You can choose the 3 tasks from a list of possible ones, including the following: reading particular pieces of information, filling out a questionnaire, submitting a list of web-sites, writing and submitting a role-profile or evaluation and others.
    • Communication: Communication tools available to players include - Sim-mail (email internal to the simulation) with customizable stationery, chat, notepad and shared notepad, a modifiable address book for each role, an introduction function, and uploading and sharing files.
    • Resources: Limited to 10 pages of Resources and any of the system resources available. Either create or insert from the web reading material, instructions, multimedia files and indeed anything that can be found on the web, into the simulation as a resource. System resources generate a variety of role lists (eg. with or without: title, description, role information etc.) which all can access or may be restricted to particular roles.
    • Display interface: Enables you to choose the interface to be used by players from a number of different structures and color schemes or to create your own using a Cascading Style Sheet (.CSS file)

  • Administration and Delivery
    • Simulation URL: Unique URL for each instance of the simulation
    • Worlds: Limited to 4 worlds. Allows different cohorts to play the same simulation simultaneously, or to have a testing/or practice world and 3 play worlds.
    • Participants: Limited to 50 players. Ability to allocate roles either automatically to participants or manually through a simple to use table interface showing either all participants, only those from a particular world, or individual players. Enables management of player information. Includes 4 Moderator accounts.
    • Self selection of roles for participants: Limited to 4 self selection pages. Ability to add a maximum of 2 additional fields to the page, apart from user name password and email address information, to be collected from participants.
    • Communication: Unlimited number of customizable email templates to inform players of their role and for other administrative purposes. The templates will automatically insert the players information (email, name, simulation url and allocated role). Send such e-mail to all or some players.
    • World Info: Create new instructions or information during the simulation that will appear in the players interface when they login.
    • Assessment: Create rubrics for assessment for any input by roles or players that will appear to moderators when they are reading that input and who can then input their assessment. This will then be automatically collated by the software to provide a spreadsheet with all assessments.
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